Download: Google+ Brings Avatars to Comment Previews in v8.4

The Google+ team have been working steadily on improving the new version of Google+ which they rolled out quite a few months ago. We've seen constant updates both on the mobile apps as well as on the website. Now the team has pushed out version 8.4 of the Google+ app, which brings in a small change, but hints at some larger changes coming soon. The only change – aside from bug fixes and performance improvements – that is seen in this update, is avatars now appearing on comment previews. Inside the Google+ app, you'll see comments appear below the post, sort of like a slideshow of the last three comments. Previously this only showed the users name in bold and then their comment. Now the users avatar is also appearing on the comment preview. It's not a huge change, but definitely is a bit subtle.

In the APK, there are some hints as to what Google+ may be adding to its social network in the near future. And one of those is user flairs. Not quite the same as what Reddit allows in their subreddits. Flairs on Google+ appear to be giving users the ability to pin four collections to their profile, obviously these would be ones you want your followers to subscribe to, or know that you contribute too. The code in the APK shows that these collections are limited to four, and that if a user doesn't choose four, then they will show the communities that they are the most active in. This is likely to give a bit of uniformity across the platform.

Another feature that may be coming soon, is the ability to automatically hide NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images. As much as any social media platform wants to get away from having a reputation for having NSFW content, users are going to continue to post them. Luckily, Google is making it easier to hide them automatically. This is great for those that may browse through Google+ while at work, or even in front of their kids.

If you haven't already gotten the update to version 8.4 of Google+, we do have the APK for you, which you can download at the link below. All you need to do is sideload it like normal, and you'll be good to go.

Download: Google+ v8.4

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