Pokémon GO Is Finally Available for Download in Japan

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

The massively popular Pokémon GO from Niantic Labs, the Pokémon Company, and Nintendo has seen a gradual rollout across the globe.

And now it's officially available in the Japanese iOS App Store as well, the country that gave birth to the game two decades ago. It was initially scheduled to be launched on July 20, Wednesday, but it had to be delayed after the leaked email from McDonald Japan leaked revealing the launch time in the country. Nintendo and Niantic decided to defer the launch further to prevent their servers from being overloaded.

It's available both for the iPhone and iPad, as usual, and it's a free download from the App Store. There are plenty of in-app purchases within, though, up to $99 (¥4,800).

Pokémon GO is a title based around augmented reality or AR. The idea is for players, or trainers, to go out into the real world and walk around, discovering Pocket Monsters around them using their iPhone or iPad (or Android device). Players can also interact with other players at gyms, which can be monuments and other landmarks, as well as "PokéStops," which can help players find in-game power-ups.

To say that Pokémon GO is successful would be a gross understatement at this point. The title is already the most popular mobile game in U.S. history, smashing the previous record holder, Candy Crush. There are already millions of players across the globe, even as some markets don't have access to the game just yet. There are changes in store for the title, though, as reports surfaced recently suggesting the game will see "sponsored locations" featuring popular brands –like McDonald's– which should be an interesting addition to the title whenever that happens.

According to reports, the digital map for playing the game is starting to show data, but it is not clear if all the functionality has been enabled.

Are you playing Pokémon GO yet? Or are you waiting for it to launch in your neck of the woods?



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