How to download Pokémon Go in South Africa

Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon since it launched in Australia and New Zealand on 5 July.

The augmented reality game for iOS and Android from Niantic Labs and Nintendo has also seen massive growth since its US launch.

Even though the game isn't officially available globally, it still works in places like South Africa.

This is because Pokémon Go draws on the location data that Niantic collected for its other augmented reality apps, like Ingress.

Here is how you can get Pokémon Go in SA.

Install Pokémon Go on iOS

Summary: Create a US iTunes account and sign in on your iPhone.

To download Pokémon Go on an iPhone, you will need a US-based iTunes account.

Select the United States as your region when you create an account.

Once you have your US account, go to the iTunes section of Settings and sign out of your normal account.

After you have logged into your US account and downloaded the game, you can switch back to a non-US iTunes account.

Install Pokémon Go on Android

Summary: Get the installer from APKMirror.

Tricking Google into believing you are from the United States is a little more difficult.

Users can side-load the APK for Pokémon Go, but Proofpoint has warned it has spotted malware called DroidJack in unofficial versions of the Pokémon Go app.

It is a reminder that installing software from third-party sources is always a risk.

According to APKMirror, the version of the app it has for download is verified as safe to install, as it has been signed by Niantic.

Official download links

When Pokémon Go officially launches in South Africa, you can follow these links to download it:

PlayStation VR launch date for South Africa

Microsoft unveils Game of Thrones Xbox One

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