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When it comes to getting Android apps and games on to your Android smartphone or tablet, the Google Play Store is the de facto method to do just that. It was once known as the Android Market, and has steadily evolved into a core part of Google's Android platform, and something that the company owes a lot of Android's success to. Unlike the App Store on Apple's iOS, the Play Store app on Android is constantly being updated with stability improvements, better organization, and every now and then a facelift to improve looks. In the latest version, 6.7, Google have made it easier to install and test beta versions of popular apps, and you can download the new version at the bottom of this post.

Beta testing has been – officially – available on Android for quite some time now, but it's been something of a pain to do on an Android device, until now. This new version of Google Play makes it as simple as heading on over to an app listing which has a beta testing program, from there you can choose to install the beta version. Of course, users will still need to be enrolled into the Google+ community responsible for the beta testing, but apps that don't require this might offer the option to install the beta version of the app. Elsewhere, the app has been updated with notes of when you have the beta version installed and also gives users the option to leave the beta program should they want to.

These are small changes to the app overall, but they're changes that will be welcome for a lot of people out there, and the timing is curious as well. Google I/O is to be held later this week, and it's possible that this means better testing options are coming to the Google Play Store during I/O. Either way, the rollout of version 6.7 might not hit everyone for the next week or so, but those keen to download it right away can do so by clicking below. This will install as an update to the already-existing Play Store app on your device and is perfectly safe to do so.

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