Hearthstone's latest expansion, One Night In Karazhan, is now available for download

One Night in Karazhan has not been released yet, but Blizzard has already banned one of the new cards from appearing in Arena.

Priests are a little underpowered in Hearthstone right now, and have been for a while. In addition to not helping with those problems, Purify is a common card, which means it will show up much more frequently as a choice in Arena runs.

Blizzard has released the next expansion for their TCG title Hearthstone today.

For this new Hearthstone adventure, everyone is provided a free, single boss prologue wing for free, which rewards players two cards upon completion.

One Night In Karazhan comes with a total of four new wings for players to work their way through, with each wing having their own bosses that you'll have to learn how to beat. However to tempt gamers to purchase all the wings at once, Blizzard will be giving gamers a Karazhan Nights cardback if they were to make the purchase in the first week.

One card that's come in for quite a bit of ire is "Purify", a two mana Priest spell with the effect "Silence a friendly minion". Simply put - they are angry at how bad the card is.

"I do think Purify is good for the game and to have in a set but maybe it would have been better in a set full of splashy, exciting, powerful, Priest cards".

In the video, Brode says the Hearthstone team knows that Purify isn't a great card but wants to make cards of different power levels for different reasons. Each week several class challenges are also unlocked, granting class specific card rewards for beating bosses with a provided deck.

"Purify was absolutely the wrong card to reveal for that environment".

The Blue Portal - Acquired from completing One Night in Karazhan in Heroic mode.

Hearthstone players should definitely hope that Purify becomes a learning experience for the game's developers, as the future of the title depends on the next cards that will be introduced in upcoming adventures and expansions.

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