Facebook’s ‘Download Video offline’ feature spotted on Android app: Report

By: Tech Desk | Published:July 18, 2016 2:59 pm
facebook, facebook offline video feature, offline videos, facebook app, Android, download videos, save videos, facebook offline video for Android, technology, technology news Facebook Android's app will soon let users save videos, so as to watch them later offline.

Facebook Android's app will soon let users save videos, so as to watch them later offline. According to a report in Android Police, one of the readers spotted the feature in 'Saved' video option available on the Android app.

It was reported earlier that Facebook will start working on an option to download videos offline from July 11 in India. However, it seems the feature has not been rolled out fully, as we were not able to save videos offline in our app.

Currently users can only save links on Facebook, which includes videos links as well. However these videos won't work if you're offline. With the new offline feature, Facebook plans to change that. The option is similar to YouTube's offline feature, that lets users save some videos on the app to watch them later.

This offline video content will only be available on the Facebook app to protect copyrighted content, and it won't be downloaded to a user's mobile device separately. Facebook is giving publishers the option of disabling download for their content in order to protect copyrighted content.

With the offline videos option, Facebook wants to make it convenient for users in India to watch videos later, given that internet connectivity tends to be patchy out here.

Facebook views video as the next big content format to boost revenues and engagement on the social media website. Facebook Live video button was currently enabled for users across the world on Android and iOS as part of this overall plan.

In India, YouTube's offline feature has been around for sometime and lets users save some videos to watch later.

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