Check internet speed and web page download times with Speedtest for Chrome


Speedtest is a free Chrome extension which allows testing your internet connection speeds and web page download time. It gives you access to the core of the website in a click or two, wherever you are on the web.

Click Speedtest's icon at any time and a panel appears. By default this displays the name of the currently displayed page, and the time it took to load.

If you're more interested in your internet connection speed, hit the large "Go" button and Speedtest carries out the same test you'd see on its site: it locates your nearest server, goes to work for a few seconds, then reports your connection ping time, upload and download speeds.

Slower than you expected? If the results look like a glitch, hit "Again" to run another test.

Speedtest can also save these results online and provide a link to share them on Twitter and Facebook. Click the Upload button > Copy Link to place the link in your clipboard, and paste it into a browser to view the results.

As with the browser report, you get the basic ping time, upload and download speeds. But there's also extra details and options, including your ISP, the location of the Speedtest server used, and further tools for sharing the information via email and LinkedIn.

Beware, the combination of ISP and server will give viewers clues about your location. Don't use the Share feature if that's a problem.

Create a free Speedtest account and you'll be able to save your test history and browse it later. Click the user icon top-right, then "Sign in" to get started.

Speedtest is a free extension for Google Chrome.

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